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Home News 2011 WU Update Day6 – Nordic Combined – Team

2011 WU Update Day6 – Nordic Combined – Team

Nordic Combined 31 January 2011

Russia Won the Gold Within a 1/10 of a Second!

ERZURUM – February 1st- The Nordic combined competition ended today in Kandili-Erzurum with the Team Gundersen competition K95/3x 5km. This time, Russia was the strongest. Indeed, Russia was ranked 6th after the K95 but Mikhail Barinov, Konstantin Voronin and Ivan Panin managed to control the 3x5km cross country event so well that they made the best result. Team Japan, the title holder was first after the ski jumping but lost too much time in the cross country event. Poland which gained the Silver Medal made a good operation thanks to its force and regularity in both disciplines but just missed the Gold for 1/10 of a second!

Switzerland completed this podium (Y. Dufour, FISU Editor)