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Home News 2013 WU City Hosts Student Winter Festival

2013 WU City Hosts Student Winter Festival

Winter Games 21 January 2009

Last December SUSA, the Slovenian FISU member association, hosted the Winter Festival of Student Sport. The event was staged on mount Pohorje in Maribor, the alpine venue for the 2013 Winter Universiade. Besides the national university championships in alpine skiing and snowboarding, university employees could become acquainted with the skiing competition and an extensive entertainment program, while the day ended with a student party afterwards. The championship was well-organised despite the weather conditions which were not optimal; this lead to a more moderate participation than usual. However, the atmosphere present among the participating students, professors, and organisers, was exceptionally positive and relaxed. The champions in alpine skiing and snowboarding (both the Giant slalom disciplines were held), will participate in the Winter Universiade in Harbin, China next February.

The Slovenian Champions