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11th WUC Wrestling

Pecs (HUN), 2014


Americans dominate 11th World University Wrestling Championship


At total of 255 wrestlers from 30 countries participated in the 11th World University Wrestling Championship that was hosted in Pécs, Hungary (7-12 July, 2014).


Overall, student-athletes from 17 countries mounted the medal podium at the event. The Americans dominated the championship winning 15 medals (2G-8S-5B), followed by Turkey (4G-4S-5B). Russia (1G-4S-6B), Hungary (6G-0S-4B) and Japan (2G-1S-4B) complete the top five in the medal count. Regarding the gold medal tally, host Hungary tops the table with six gold, followed by Turkey and Canada, both with four golds, whereas Canada’s are all women’s. The top five gold tally is completed by Moldova (3) and Japan (2).


The Greco-Roman competition was dominated by the host country’s wrestlers winning the gold medal in the 66kg, 71kg, 75kg, 98kg and 130kg weight categories of this discipline and added a bronze in the 80kg weight class as well. Turkey placed second in the gold tally of this wrestling style with 2 gold (2G-3S-2B) followed by Kyrgyzstan with 1 gold. 90 student-wrestlers from 22 countries participated in the Greco-Roman competition.


The Canadians were the biggest medal gobblers in the women’s competition, leading the gold medal tally with 4 gold. Overall, the Canadians took six medals (4G-1S-1B) where they were joined in number by Russia (1G-2S-3B) and USA (0G-3S-3B). Japan (1G-1S-2B) and Ukraine (0G-0S-4B) complete the top five on the medal table of this competition. 69 wrestlers from 18 countries participated in the Women’s competition.


Team USA dominated the freestyle competition with seven medals (2G-4S-1B), followed by Turkey with six medals (2G-1S-3B). Russia (0G-2S-2B), Moldova (2G-0S-1B) and Mongolia (1G-0S-2B) complete the top five in the medal tally. 96 student-wrestlers from 21 countries participated in the freestyle competition.


The 12th edition of the World University Wrestling Championship will take place in Corum, Turkey in 2016.