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28th Winter Universiade

Almaty (KAZ), 29 January to 8 February 2017


Key facts

  • Official Results

  • 2,481 Universiade participants, including 1,620 athletes from 57 countries 


Highlights from the Almaty Winter Universiade


City of Youth and Sport

One of the oldest cities in the country, Almaty is a city of young people. A third of its population is 30 years old or younger. Almaty has more universities than any other cities in Kazakhstan. It is also a city of sport with modern competition and training facilities. Almaty hosts the highest number of various sporting events and campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle – over 250 events annually. The landscape of Almaty allows each of its inhabitants to have an active and interesting lifestyle and go in for their favourite sports. The most popular sports in Almaty are skiing and snowboarding.


Cultural Heritage of Almaty

In Kazakh the word 'alma' means apple; and Almaty is literally translated as 'rich in apples'. The city was named in honour of apples, which have grown there since ancient times. This is why the emblem of Almaty, and of the whole Seven Rivers region, bears the image of this fruit. Almaty has an ancient and rich history. As a transit point on the Silk Road, the city was an international trade hub in Central Asia. Silk traders from China as well as ivory and spice sellers from India would meet there to leave a unique trace on the culture of the city. The city has been home to many prominent figures of science, arts, culture and education, who made important contributions to the cultural development of Kazakhstan. Today Almaty has a well-developed cultural infrastructure and skilled human resources, and it is home to the leading theatre, arts museum and library organisations of Kazakhstan.  Almaty regularly hosts international cultural events such as the international music festival 'Voice of Asia', the International Eurasia Film Festival and the International Jazz Festival.


Hosting the 2017 Winter Universiade in Almaty is already having a positive impact on the city and its inhabitants. The event brought a new wave of future leaders and inspired new achievements that were aimed at sustainable development through the prism of the Universiade and university sports.

  • Infrastructure: construction of new roads and improvement of the transportation system, construction of new sports facilities and of a university campus that will utilise advanced power-saving and environmentally-friendly technology
  • Education: training programme for sports reporters, sports doctors, sports event managers and sports tourism managers
  • Health care: a positive effect on the health of Almaty inhabitants, increasing their life expectancy and level of comfort
  • Tourism: an intensive development of tourist infrastructures - an increase in the number of hotels and ski resorts - was achieved during the Winter Universiade's preparation process