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4th World University Boxing Championship

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - October 4th to 10th, 2010


Mongolia joined FISU in 1977 at the time of the Sofia Universiade. Since then it has gradually become involved in the promotion of international university sports, particularly by participating actively in our Universiades. Only after its restructuring in 1989 did it really become committed to the organization of national and international competitions. With the backing of about a hundred member student clubs and associations, the "Mongolian Student Sports Federation" (MSSF) organizes various activities grouping about 50,000 students. In the past, it has hosted the World University Chess Championships in 2002 and Wrestling in 2006. In 2010, the MSSF took on the organization of the 4th World University Boxing Championships. The city of Ulaanbaatar, capital of the country, was chosen for the occasion. This town has many sports facilities.

The host country lined up a very strong team as did Russia and Kazakhstan. In all 15 countries met in Ulaanbaatar with 77 boxers in 10 categories. This is a far cry from the flattering figures for the first edition in Antalya, Turkey in 2004, but it is still a good turnout for a sport that is only in the programme for the fourth time.

As concerns the winners, Mongolia was first, wining 3 titles, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze. Purevdorj Serdamba, a true national hero, defending Champion and second at the Olympics, won gold in the 49 kg category by besting Kazak Mardan Beribayev, the bronze medal winner at the national championships in Kazakhstan.

A young Mongolian boxer, Tugstsogt Nyambayar, just 18 years old and second at the AIBA World Championships, won the title for the 52 kg outdoing Khabibulla  Ismail-Akhunov, again from Kazakhstan.

Finally, Byamba Tuvshinbat, voted best boxer at the Shaheed Benazir Butto tournament and silver medal winner at the Asian Championships, took out Turkish Onur Sipal at the 64 kg final.

We should also underline Russia's handsome performance with three titles plus one silver medal and 2 bronze. 

A newcomer to the elite of international boxing, the young middleweight Andrey Yefremenko surprised the audience by eliminating Belorussian Yeustfyeu Siarhei. His young compatriot Ruslan Feifer, just 19, topped the podium for 81 kg by winning the final against the Mongolian Erdenebayer.

Finally, in the heavyweight category (more than 91 kg), Arlanbek Mahmudov, winner of the Popenchenko Memorial tournament in July 2010, took the semi-final over his biggest rival Rustam Rygebayev, Kazakstan's experienced boxer, and then the final over Mongolian Iderbat Davaalkhagva.

With two titles, Turkey too can be satisfied with this championship. Furkan Memis Ulas was the youngest boxer qualified for the Olympics in Beijing. In April 2010 at the "Prime Minister Tournament" he took the gold medal in his home country. He did it again in Mongolia, with the highest award for the 56 kg category. His compatriot Onder Sipal had trouble overcoming the quarter-finalist of the AIBA WC, Kazak Rustam Svayev, but managed to save the title for 69 kg.

To conclude, we mustn't forget the handsome performance of Kazak Daniyar Ustembayev who took the category after missing the gold medal for 81 kg at the national championships. But Mongolia suited him – he took the 91 kg category in Ulaanbaatar over the Russian Alexander Karakazyan.

We'll see you in 2013 at the Kazan Universiade in Russia where boxing will be an optional sport on the programme.



  • Countries: 15
  • Male Athletes: 77
  • Female Athletes: 0
  • Officials: 46
  • Total Participants: 116