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31 August 2017 | in Multisports, Summer FISU World University Games, Young Reporters Programme

Kudos to the FISU Young Reporters



TAIPEI CITY - When they applied for the 4th FISU Young Reporters’ Programme, 13 youngsters didn’t realise they were embarking on an ‘epic’ adventure they probably will cherish for a lifetime. Thirteen young aspiring journos also ‘ran’ a marathon during this Universiade. Together with their 12 of their peers of the host country, they spent hours hitting their keyboards, interviewing athletes, talking to volunteers, looking for a creative angle for their next human interest story for the Taipei Talks. Beating their nerve-wrecking deadlines, they succeeded in giving the readers of this digital daily an insight in the Universiade as never before. Surely, they drank too much coffee, skipped some lunches and at times never got to eat that well-deserved dinner … but they got the job done. As coordinator of the Young Reporters’ Programme, I’m proud of their work. It’s only fair to give them the floor one more time… before saying 'Taipei Talks Roger Out'


C. Pierre, FISU Press Officer & YRP Coordinator





Some quotes of the FISU Young Reporters …


Salim Valji (CAN): “YRP was a fantastic experience. I feel like we were all treated as professionals throughout the games. Our assignments forced us out of our comfort zones, and the mentors we had really communicated well. The magazine looked incredible every day, and there was a great mix of stories. I had a blast, and would definitely recommend it to anyone. It's an experience I'm extremely grateful for.”


Laetitia Béraud (FRA): "I really enjoyed the freedom we experienced in this programme. Chasing two stories a day on every aspect of such a big multi-sport event was exhilarating. I feel more self-confident now than before. I definitely will rely on this experience in the future."


 Chi Ye & Karl Sundström


Chi Ye (CHN): FISU Young Reporters’ Programme is the most stressful and beneficial adventure I have ever experienced. Almost everything for me in Taipei Universiade was out of my comfort zone and pushed me to go further. This is a real journalism experience with the guidance from professional mentors and I can always learn a lot from other young reporters. Thank you all of you!”


Leticia Dawidowicz (BEL): "How can I describe this experience? First, tiring. Between the lack of sleep, the time spent in the transport to go around all the venues and writing several articles a day, you get tired pretty fast. Then, enriching. It was my first experience ever as a journalist, and it was really scary, but this programme is a unique opportunity to see how it works in this field and to learn from your mistakes. Finally, unforgettable. I just spent two weeks on another continent, discovering so many things, being able to work as a journalist at a major sporting event and also, meeting amazing people along the way."


Laura Quilter (NZL): "This experience has been unlike anything else I have ever experienced! There is no faster way to learn than through action, and this is exactly what the FISU Young Reporter Programme has been. I have learned to challenge my own fears, embrace uncomfortable situations and will return home to New Zealand with a new-found confidence"


Annesha Ghosh (IND): "If 12 days can be as challenging and educative as the FISU Young Reporters Programme has been, I would happily trade tens of such days through a year (or every two years!) to evolve into a better reporter and media professional. To be able to get a ringside view on how a media liaison operates during a multi-sport event, get advice from industry experts through the lecture series, do a stand-up for the FISU YouTube channel, along with doing multiple text interviews with several delegations at the Universiade for Taipei Talks has been immensely enriching. The feedback I received from the mentors through the course of the programme, the insights I shared with my fellow Young Reporters (YRs) whilst exchanging our cultural similarities and differences, are among the most significant takeaways I’d be going back to India with, with my sights set on covering more multi-sport events across the world in the near future. Grateful to FISU, the Press Officer in particular, all the mentors, the organizing committee, the volunteers and my fellow YRs for all the wisdom and joy I gathered at the 29th Summer Universiade."

Matt Barnard (AUS): "The experience I had with the Young Reporters Programme at the Summer Universiade was once in a lifetime. By being on the ground I was able to hone my skills in interviewing, writing and editing at one of the largest multi sports events in the world. But far more importantly I made lifelong friendships and professional connections that will last for years."


 Kirralee Thomas


Kirralee Thomas (AUS): "My experiences during the FISU Young Reporters’ Programme have been fantastic. There is no better way to learn than by being thrown into a multi-sport event. Having full access to venues and athletes and being able to practice interviewing and writing will be very beneficial for me moving into my sports journalism career. I have also learnt a lot from our mentors and speakers, and seen some amazing sporting moments during the Summer Universiade."


Rafaela Almeida Burity (BRA): “The FISU Young Reporters’ Programme has been an incredible experience that has taught me invaluable lessons in major sporting events reporting through a hands-on approach. In Taipei, I have pushed my limits - physically and emotionally - and have come out on the other side as a better professional, ready to face what comes my way. I am extremely grateful to this once in a lifetime opportunity and hope this is only the first of many encounters with my mentors and peers at sporting events around the world.”


Rafaela Almeida Burity interviewing


Da Yun Hsing (Rocio): “YRP is such an incredible journey to meet different people from around the world. This practical working experience in sports media coverage is one I will never forget.”


Jenny Chang (TPE): Carpe Diem. It's a now or never and once-in-a-life-time experience.”


Ani, Shiang-Ni, Chang (TPE): “The YRP was really a unique and novel experience for me. Even though I am still a uni student, I know this refreshing participation in at the Universiade will absolutely be a standout in my future career.”


 Q&A time at the seminar


Judy (TPE): “Try hard. Work hard. Beautiful journey of my life.”


Angel Kung (TPE): “Enthusiasm and never forget what we have done these days for once in a life time.”


Yi Cheng, Lin (TPE): “A short but amazing experience. I learned and enjoyed.”


Wangder (TPE): “It was a great experience for me. Like a dream.”


CMC Chair Mrs. Burk & OC Taipei 2017 CEO Mrs. Su presenting the FISU YRP Certificate


Joanna Meng-Jung Chia (TPE): “Step out of your comfort zone, broaden your horizon, and learn from your experiences. Thanks for the hard-won chance and memorable journey with tears and laughter. There are always challenges, and they make the YRP even more fascinating.”


Cori Hsin Yu Yang (TPE): "Loved roaming around the different venues and talking to athletes. Definitely a precious and memorable experience!”