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12 July 2014 | in World University Championships, Wrestling

11th WUC Wrestling – Day 4 of Competitions



PECS - Friday was the first day of wrestlers competing in Greco-Roman style at the 11th World University Wrestling Championship. The wrestlers were called to the mat in the categories of 59, 71, 80 and 98 kg. The Hungarian fans had a really good day, as two of the hosting country’s wrestlers won in their weight category.

In the 59 kg category, Zholchubekov from Kyrgyzstan was really self-confident during the day. Akan Baimagambetov was the other wrestler who made it to the final, he also did a great job, but between both, Zholchubekov was the better one and won the gold medal.

In the 71 kg category, Hungarian Tamás Lőrincz did a really great job. He beat American Patrick Smith with a technical superiority in 46 seconds. “It was a really good warm up for the world championship, although, I will wrestle in Tashkent in 66 kg. I was really happy to be able to wrestle with Arzimanov, it was a good test for me as he is an excellent wrestler, he won a bronze medal at the FILA world championship. I was wondering before this competition how my wrestling will look like, I am not in my best shape yet, but I am satisfied”, the new champion commented.

In the 80 kg category, the Turkish wrestler Aslan Atem assertively won the gold medal. In the final bout, his opponent was Daniel Aleksandrov coming from Bulgaria. They had a big fight, but the Turkish student-athlete won 2-1. “It was a really good championship with strong wrestlers. I am happy with this first place”, summarized Aslam Atem.

In the heaviest weight of the fourth day, in the 98 kg category, fans stood up for a Hungarian champion again as Iván Németh has beaten the Turkish Mahmut Alkan with 6-0. “I did have an unfortunate draw. I had to wrestle with Alexander Konnow from the Russian Federation and he is a really good wrestler. I had time to prepare for Nastochenko, but it was a hard bout too. In my opinion, the Turkish wrestler in the final was the strongest of my opponents, but fortunately I won with 6-0”, said the Hungarian wrestler.


(Source: Tímea Tasi, Media WUC Wrestling)



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