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08 December 2017 | in Winter Universiade

Winter Universiade 2019 organisers open Cultural Universiade contest

With Krasnoyarsk preparing to welcome the world of university sport in just over a year for Winter Universiade 2019, organisers just opened a cultural programme contest for the 29th edition of the event.



As an academic hub in the capitol of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk territory, the city is ideally suited to cement its position as the region’s preeminent winter sports destination and cultural centre.



On Thursday, 7 December, Winter Universiade 2019 organisers started accepting applications the creative projects contest, with the winners’ work being incorporated into the 29th Winter Universiade’s cultural programme.The “Cultural Universiade 2019” contest is being held in several categories:

  • professional performing and plastic arts
  • folk art (folklore, arts and crafts, ethnic music)
  • alternative types of art, types of youth creativity (electronic music, installation, computer graphics, video art, stand-up, etc.)
  • multi-genre projects, mass street events




To participate in the contest, one must prepare a project dossier. This package of documents needs to include a concept or scenario project plan, a list of necessary equipment and cost estimates, a justification for the uniqueness of the project, a description of the duties of the participants, and more. Applicants will be able to receive additional points for an electronic presentation of the project, photos or video with examples of the contestant's work, recommendations of partners or diplomas on the results of participation in other competitions.


The evaluation of the projects will be carried out by a jury committee which includes well-known people of culture and arts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, representatives of the Directorate of the Winter Universiade 2019, the Legislative Assembly, the Ministry of Culture, the Agency for Youth Policy and the implementation of the social development programmes of the region. The specialists will take into account the public significance of the projects, the coverage of the audience, the ratio of costs and expected results. Successful experience of previous works of the contestants, the presence of the project team, partners, and the use of new techniques and technologies will be considered.



The selection of projects chosen by the contest jury committee will receive resource and information support to implement their ideas. During the Universiade, the best teams will be able to come up with creative performance, place art objects and art locations at the city sites, at cultural institutions and in the Universiade Park.


To participate in the "Cultural Universiade", Krasnoyarsk 2019 organisers invite commercial and non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs, the main activity of which is the organization of cultural events or youth creativity. Applications are accepted from applicants from all over Russia. According to the results of the contest, no more than eight winners will be selected in all the categories. Applications are accepted until April 9, 2018.




Detailed information on the contest and registration of participants is on the official website of the Games in the "Cultural Universiade" section. Questions on the selection procedure can be addressed to Anastasia Berezinskaya by email: a.berezinskaya@krsk2019.ru