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13 February 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Winter Universiade

Travel 10,000km to realize Your Dream

Volunteer Seongh Jeon (KOR) GRANADA - Seongh Jeon is a young Korean student in International Business. He is here in Granada as an attaché of the Korean men's ice hockey team. "I love the sport. I practice basketball and running and I have participated in marathons. That's why I really wanted to participate in this Universiade.”

As an attaché of the Korean team, Seongh serves as an interpreter for the team members and is responsible for resolving even the smallest problems that may arise: "I lived for 6 months in Colombia as part of a student exchange programme, so I learned Spanish", Seongh continues. "I love my job here. I see to it that nothing will disturb the players. They need to concentrate 100% on their game!".


Prior to the Universiade, Seongh, who’s on his first trip to Europe, had several aspirations meeting people from around the world and gain as much experience for his first participation in an international multi-sport event.


"I'm really delighted. As a sports enthusiast, I can attend various events in a single day in one city", Seongh added. "But my absolute dream is to work for an international sports federation one day. I think my participation in the Universiade is a step in the right direction."

David Vandenplas, Media Assistant