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29 September 2014 | in Winter Universiade, Multisports

Lucerne considers Candidacy for 2021 Winter Universiade


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LUCERNE - The Cantonal Government of the Canton of Lucerne supports the idea of staging the 2021 Winter Universiade in Central Switzerland. It is making any further commitment contingent on the Confederation pledging its financial support. A Central Swiss candidacy could be based on the dossier of the 2020 Youth Olympic Games, which was disregarded by Swiss Olympic Committee.

Lucerne’s Cantonal Government welcomes the idea of Lucerne’s and Central Switzerland’s candidacy for the Winter Universiade. “This event is very interesting in terms of both sports and value creation,” says Health and Social Services Minister Guido Graf: “The cantons of Central Switzerland, Lucerne as a university town and tourism destination can only profit from the Winter Universiade.”

The prerequisite for the continuation of the project is the financial support from the Confederation. “We expect the Confederation to issue a clear affirmation of the organisation of the 2021 Winter Universiade and the pledge of a substantial financial contribution,” says government member Guido Graf. An initial exchange of information has taken place. “We will continue evaluations once the Confederation has pledged its support.”

The spiritus rector behind the idea is the Swiss University Sport Federation (SHSV). “Central Switzerland submitted an excellent application document for the 2020 Youth Olympic Games. It is a perfect basis for the organisation of the 2021 Winter Universiade,” explains SHSV Director Leonz Eder. Most of the sports facilities required for the Winter Universiade are in place in Central Switzerland. The host city and thus the “brand” of the event would be Lucerne; the various competitions would be run in Central Switzerland’s winter sports resorts.

Individual members of the organisation committee have declared themselves ready, to carry out the work required for the preparation of a Winter Universiade.


(Source: SHSV)