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28 October 2011 | in Winter FISU World University Games, Multisports

2017 WU Bidding Update: Students marched with FISU and Almaty-2017 flags


ALMATY - On October 28th two hundred students of the Academy of Sport and Tourism marched down the Abai avenue in Almaty from Central Stadium to Baluan Sholak Sports Palace as a part of the bidding campaign of Almaty to host the 2017 Winter Universiade. They were waving flags with logo of FISU and bidding logo of Almaty 2017. The march attracted a lot of attention of Almaty citizens and guests.

According to the 2017 WU Almaty Bidding Committee, the main goal of the march was promoting the idea of a healthy lifestyle and sport practice among Almaty citizens and getting support for the bidding campaign.

Being one of the oldest cities in the country, Almaty is a city of young people. A third of its population is thirty years old or younger. Almaty has more universities than any other city in Kazakhstan.

It is also a city of sport with modern competition and training facilities. Almaty hosts the highest number of various sports events and campaigns to support a healthy lifestyle – over 250 events annually.

The landscape of Almaty allows each of its citizens to have an active and interesting life style and play their favorite sports. The most popular sports of the city are skiing and snowboarding.


(Source: 2017 WU Almaty Bidding Committee)