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30 December 2019 | in FISU

Winners of the Best Photos of 2019 poll

The votes are in and the champion has been declared! Nearly forty thousand of you voted on our Instagram account over the last week or so and we have the winners today.  We brought you the FISU staff picks of 20 of the most poignant moments caught on camera through our events in 2019. Thus started the 'Best Photos of 2019' tournament, where the brackets were made up of the following categories: Moments, Emotions, Fun and Action. 


Here are the top photos in each category, based on votes, that automatically made our semifinals. And also, the top two that went head to head in the final. 


Winner: Moments, tied 3rd overall 

Italian football player and SSC Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne kicks off the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade!  


Winner: Fun, tied 3rd overall

University of Ottawa, Canada winning on the pitch at Jinjiang 2019 – and during celebrations, too


Winner: Action, 2nd overall 

Alejandra Estrella of Mexico shined bright like a star against the Neapolitan sky at the Summer Universiade. Her last name means 'star' in Spanish


Winner: Emotion, 1st overall 

The girls from Islamic Azad University, Iran, had great fun competing in the University World Cup 3x3 and it showed on court: They made it to the semis where they eventually lost to women’s back-to-back champions Tsinghua University of China