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21 September 2018 | in World University Championships, Weightlifting

Japan dominates first day of WUC Weightlifting

BIALA PODLASKA – Could there possibly be a better day to start the competitions at the 6th edition of the FISU World University Weightlifting Championship? Not really. 20 September was proclaimed by UNESCO as the International Day of University Sport (IDUS).


Students from 26 countries of the five continents gathered in Biala Podlaska, Poland to celebrate IDUS and to start competing at the World University Championship. The event is hosted on the campus of the Physical Education Faculty of the J. Pilsudski University in East Poland. It offers ideal conditions for the participants.


The first day of the WUC ran the first two women's and the first two men's categories. There were tears and smiles, joy, happiness and anger. There was everything that such a prestigious event should have.

On Thursday, competitions included four categories. The first on the platform were the women competing in the 48kg category. Afterwards, spectators could watch the men in the 56kg and 62kg categories, before finally the female competitors in the 53kg category took the stage.


This last part was particularly exciting for local spectators who supported the representative of the host country. Polish competitor Agnieszka Kuczmaszewska did not disappoint, facing strong competition from Mexico, USA and Great Britain as she came fourth in snatch, with the same result as Susana Zavala Fuentes (Mexico). Ms. Fuentes was the winner in total. Detailed results of the first competition day can be found below.


The weightlifters from Japan were the absolute winners of the day having swept the women's 48kg, the men's 56kg and 62kg categories.

Over the next three days, a total of about 150 weightlifters will compete in different weight categories. Competitions begin at around 10 a.m. and finish at 8 p.m. All the contests take place on the campus of the University of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska.


Download all Day 1 results here.

Day 2 (Friday, 21 September):

10:00: Women's 63kg, Group B

12:00: Women's 58kg, Group A

14:00: Men's 69kg, Group A

16:00: Women's 63kg, Group A

18:00: Men's 77kg, Group A


Day 3 (Saturday, 22 September): 

10:00: Women's 69kg, Group B

12:00: Women's 69kg, Group A

14:00: Men's 85kg, Group A

16:00: Women's 75kg, Group A

18:00: Men's 94kg, Group A


Day 4 (Sunday, 23 September):

10:00: Men's 105kg, Group A

12:30: Women's 90kg, Group A; Women's +90kg, Group A

15:00: Men's +105kg, Group A

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