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05 July 2017 | in FISU, Education, FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy, NUSF News

WADA experts teach courses at FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy


Day three of the Academy was dedicated to anti-doping protocol lectures and workshops for major event championship volunteers and workers

Kazan, July 5 – FISU’s vision is for a world where university sport positively influences the leaders of society.


Working in tandem with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to ensure that athletes compete in the spirit of fair play, day three of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy was dedicated to anti-doping protocol.



Experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) led delegates in a series of lectures and workshops, with confidentiality, professionalism, and a strict following of rules and procedures the key takeaways from the day.


An international anti-doping expert appointed by WADA in RUSADA gives a general lecture on anti-doping requirements, selection and training at major sports events 

 Topics included anti-doping and the role of chaperone volunteers, as well as the organisation of doping control in sport. FISU has been working closely with WADA to promote education for student athletes, developing an e-Textbook which supports universities from all over the world in the fight against doping in sport. The e-Textbook is freely available to download at: http://antidopinglearninghub.org/en


FISU President Oleg Matytsin (third from left) during the official opening of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy on Monday


Speaking at the Volunteer Leaders Academy, FISU President Oleg Matytsin said that the education of students was a key objective in shaping the leaders of tomorrow:


“FISU’s partnership with WADA is pivotal to educating our future sports leaders, athletes and volunteers in the fight against doping”, President Matytsin said. “FISU is committed to protecting clean athletes and our volunteers have a key role to play in that. This is a great opportunity for our participants to learn first-hand from the world’s experts on anti-doping so that together we can ensure a fair and even playing field for all our athletes.”



President of WADA, Craig Reedie, delivered an opening message to delegates that praised the work of volunteers at all levels and the role FISU is playing to promote education in sport.



“From top to bottom, WADA is supported by volunteers working hand-in-hand with professionals,” said Reedie. “Volunteering is what makes it all work, at local level as well as at Olympic level.



“It is commendable that FISU is working so hard on the development of volunteers because the fact of the matter is that sport simply would not work without them.”



The first FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy 2017 international forum, hosted by the Volga State Academy of Sport and Tourism is taking place in Kazan until July 8.   

Made in a partnership between WADA and FISU, the e-learning aids allow for university lecturers to easily integrate anti-doping into their curriculum