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19 July 2011 | in Volleyball, Other Events, CUSF News

ODUCC Volleyball Tournament



CURACAO - In the month of June 2011 a women’s and men’s volleyball team of students of Curacao (Stakamachi) took part in a tournament with 3 Universities of Santo Domingo, in theDominican Republic.

These types of tournament exchanges are held on a very regular basis between the member universities of ODUCC.

The Final ranking was as follows

Women’s Tournament 

1st place: UASD - Universidad Autonomo de Santo Domingo

2nd place: Team ofCuracao

3rd place: UNAPEC - Universidad Apec


Men’s Tournament

1st place: team ofCuracao

2nd place: UASD - Universidad Autonomo de Santo Domingo

3rd place: UNPHU - Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña

4th place: UNIBE - Universidad Iberoamericana


(Source: Guno Rudge, ODUCC General Secretary)