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12 October 2015 | in University World Cup 3x3, 3x3 Basketball

3x3 FISU World University League Final: Update 3



XIAMEN - On 11 October, the final day of the 3x3 FISU WUL finals, FISU President Claude Louis Gallien visited the campus of the Huaqiao University.

Since being established in 1960, Huaqiao University has developed into a comprehensive institution of higher education, with an enjoyable campus atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture. Accompanied by Jia Yimin, the President of the University, the FISU President joined the students in a variety of traditional entertainment and sports, such as the dragon and lion dance, the dragon boat sprint, the solar term drum show, etc.

Wu Di (Red/CHN) vs Lin Yuting (White/TPE) during the Women's Final

In the evening, the finals of the Women’s Shoot-out and Men’s Dunk competitions excited all the spectators, the officials, and even the staff in the venue. LIU Yusen of TUFE (CHN) won the Shoot-out with 7 points beyond the arc, followed by Jessica Genta of ETH Zurich (SUI). In the Dunk Final, Igor Rossadiuk of SUITD (RUS) showed his remarkable leaping ability by a series of jump-over dunk, and won the trophy.

The women’s final was between Chinese Cultural University (TPE) and Tianjin University of Finance and Economy-TUFE (CHN). Lin Yuting was the shining star on the Chinese Taipei team in the 2015 Summer Universiade and the 2015 FIBA Asian Championship. Wu Di of TUFE was also famous by being the first university player in the national team of China. The score finally stopped by 21:13. TUFE won the Women’s Final.

UQAM (CAN) faced University of Bordeaux (FRA) in the Men’s Final. It was amazing to have 3 Dunk participants on the court. But as it says, a good defense wins the game. When the clock ran into the last 30 seconds of the game, the score was 16:16, and nobody knew who would be the first champion of the league. In the last turn, UQAM got the winning point, and built their defense onto the very end.Joy when UQAM wins the Men's Final

Wu Di of TUFE won the Women’s MVP by her 16 points in the Final, as well as Rudolph Joyl of UQAM was awarded the Men’s MVP, and his UQAM team won the spot of Doha FIBA 3x3 All-stars 2015.


(Source: FISU Media)