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11 April 2014 | in Triathlon

2014 WUC Triathlon in Brasilia: 1,000 m above Sea Level


The cycling track 

BRASILIA - Competitors from all of over the world will start to arrive in Brasília (DF), on 17 April, for the 12th World University Triathlon Championship 2014, to be held in the Brazilian capital on 20 April. The competition will start with the 1,500 m swimming race in the Paranoá Lake. Then a 40 km (4 laps of 10 km) bike course awaits crossing over the JK Bridge and to end the event, all the tri-athletes will have to finish a 10km running race in the city streets. 

Brasilia is not at sea level, thus for the water phase, the tri-athletes have to deal with altitude conditions (1,002 m) and water temperature between 23 and 25 °C. While for the bike course the altitude will alternate between the lowest point of 1,006 m and the highest point of 1,116 m. Similar to the cycling, the running course’s highest point is at 1,031 m.

The Student-athletes can expect nice weather conditions for the month of April in Brasília. The temperature will vary from a minimum 17 °C to a maximum 27 °C.

The running course

“The course designed by CBTri (Brazilian Triathlon Confederation) is quite technical. The location of the city of Brasilia, standing at 1,000 meters above sea level and moreover the variation that we will have for the bike track and the street race will make the event very exciting. This will be the first major event of many that will be hosted in our country. We are taking the first step of a long walk towards the 30th Summer Universiade 2019 in Brasilia”, CBDU Technical Director and WUC organizer Mario Ferro explained.

Some 100 athletes from 17 registered countries are expected to participate in this FISU event. This will be the second FISU WUC for 2014 and the first international FISU competition held in Brazil this year. Three more will be staged in 2014, i.e. the 6th WUC Rugby Sevens, from 7 to 10 August in São José dos Campos (São Paulo); the 2nd WUC Basketball 3x3, from 18 to 21 September in Salvador (Bahia) and the International Beach Games, in Florianopolis (Santa Catarina) from 25 to 29 November.

(Source: CBDU)