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30 May 2010 | in Triathlon, World University Championships

2010 WUC Triathlon Update: Gold to France (M) and Poland (W)



Valencia - “Las Playas de las Arenas” woke up early this morning with 59 women competitors rushing into the 18°C water in order to perform, in less than 2 hours the combination of swimming, cycling and running with the Olympic distances of 1.5km/40km/10km.

Agnieszka Jerzyk wins the women's raceThe swimming was lead by a group of 3 girls, from the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain.

After the first lap of the cycling race, 4 leaders were noted with Spain coming in front, followed by a group of 7 girls, but after the second lap, the lead group increased to 9 up towards the end of the bicycle race, followed by a group of 13 participants lagging one minute behind.

In the running race an athlete of the USA joined the first group and finally the competition ended with Agnieszka Jerzyk from Poland finishing first, clocking a total of 1h55:19 followed by Gwen Jorgensen (USA) on the second place with 1h55:26 and Annamaria Mazzetti (ITA) in third place with 1h 55:45. The Spanish public put all its hopes on the Spanish girls, but the first one, Estefania Dominguez Calvo reached the 7th place.

The ITU delegate, Mr. Claude Meyer, stressed the high level of competition of the women’s race with such a good result.

Etienne Diemunsch wins the men's raceFor the men, with a hotter air temperature of 28°C at 10:15am, we could see a much tighter group in the water with 86 triathletes competing, creating very quickly two big groups. The bicycle race ended with the leading of Italy and Cuba, arriving at the same time, but the Cuban athlete lost all his strength, and the French team took this to its advantage, especially Etienne Diemunsch and Brice Daubord, both winning the first and second places with a time of 1:43:38 and 1:44:03. Third place went to Pedro Palma from Portugal with a 1:44:40.

The individual awarding ceremony for women and men took place on the beach directly after the men’s race. The ranking for the men’s team is France, Spain and Australia and for the women’s team Poland, USA and Italy.

Nicole Mangelschots, FISU Asst. WUC





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