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29 December 2019 | in FISU

Top 10 university sport videos of 2019

University sports are special, and no one knows it better than FISU. On the one hand you have students who are studying for their degrees, working towards an enlightened future and on the other hand, you have the crème-de-la-crème of university athletes, performing at their very best, enthralling the world with their physical prowess.


So, here’s looking back at some of the best moments of university sports that went viral or at the very least, were loved by one and all. Here are our top ten picks of #UniSports videos that made a splash in 2019.


10. Love it or hate it! Can’t ignore Bandy

When the Russians’ favourite sport of Bandy made its Universiade debut in Krasnoyarsk, a lot of the rest of the world was asking… what’s that? Immensely popular among viewers in the home nation, our Bandy videos and live streams elicited much interest and amusement from around the globe. Have a look at some of the hilarious comments here



9. Zara Lahri: Not perfect but a path breaker

Emirati Zahra Lari is the first figure skater from the United Arab Emirates to compete internationally. She is a two-time Emirati national champion and was the cynosure of all eyes at Krasnoyarsk 2019. Her routine was not always perfect, but more importantly, she broke barriers for young Muslim female athletes as she glided gracefully in her glittering hijab. Click on the image to see her routine. 



8. Mai Mihara wins gold and hearts

Japan’s Mai Mihara was the picture of perfection as she skated to gold in the ladies’ figure skating competition at the Winter Universiade 2019. The darling of our Japanese audiences, her winning routine was watched over 17,000 times and that’s just on Twitter alone. Relive her miraculous performance now!



7. S-BROTHER-S: Double trouble in Krasnoyarsk

The DJ duo ‘S-BROTHER-S’ brought the house down during both, the opening and closing ceremonies of Krasnoyarsk 2019. Their foot-tapping beats and inimitable style got the crowds moving and rubbing their eyes in disbelief at their uber-coordinated moves. Click on the image to check them out once more. 



6. Ohashi’s 10 that can’t be ignored

It was at the start of the year that UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi produced an incredible floor routine that landed her a perfect 10 and also blew up the internet. So even though this was not at a FISU event, it was probably the university sports video of the year and makes it to our top ten for sure.



5. Two legendary flame lightings

As homegrown Bandy hero Sergey Lomanov struck a ball and lit the Universiade flame in Krasnoyarsk, and Italian football player and SSC Napoli captain kicked a flaming ball into a Mount Vesuvius replica in Napoli, what we got was two magical moments that went down in university sport history. Here’s a goose bump-worthy reminder.  



4. Carlotta Ferlito's golden finish

On the final day of artistic gymnastics at Napoli 2019, a full capacity-crowd cheered on and clapped along with every beat, as Italian Carlotta Ferlito put in her best performance of the week and nailed her routine. It was a poignant moment as artistic gymnastics concluded with a home gold for Italy, from the young woman who was selected to be one of the torch bearers of the games.


3. Dutee Free

As India’s Dutee Chand clocked 11.32 seconds and won gold in the women’s 100m dash at Napoli, she became the first Indian female athlete to do so. Such was the enormity of her achievement that it prompted a congratulatory message from the Indian Prime Minister on Twitter and turned her into a sensation back in her home country.



2. Slam dunk of the year

When Macquarie University’s Eromon Uadiale slammed this one in, he won the Slam Dunk contest at the University World Cup 3x3 hands down. Saving his best shot for last, the Australian pulled out all the stops to receive three perfect 10s from the judges.



1. Epic Napoli 2019 highlights

And finally, top of our list is this highlights video from the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade. Our top video of the year perfectly encapsulates the scent of summer, the sea breeze, the colour, the flavour and of course the scintillating sporting action at the 30thSummer Universiade. Watch again, to be spellbound.




By Tina Sharma & Max Länge