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05 September 2019 | in FISU

Testing phase of FISU Healthy Campus begins

LAUSANNE – The FISU Healthy Campus project has taken the next step towards its big worldwide launch next year. Even as the seven pilot universities start their testing phase, FISU has provided them with the criteria for the ‘Healthy Campus Label’ and is now seeking to fine tune the standards.

Outdoor dance training session at University of Johannesburg
The pathbreaking ‘FISU Healthy Campus Label’ will be awarded to universities around the globe, to acknowledge their efforts in improving the health of their students and the quality of life on their campuses. Towards this goal, FISU is developing criteria and standards for awarding of this label, in close consultation with seven pilot universities, which are: Peking University, University of Lausanne, University of Western Australia, University of Johannesburg, Universtiy of Torino, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) in Moscow, and La Matanza in Argentina.


The pilot universities will now provide feedback and case studies that will help define the domains of the Healthy Campus project. Meetings were held over the last week with Sandro Petruzzi of University of Turin, Sergey Bazavluk from RUDN and Nomsa Mahlangu from University of Johannesbourg to share ideas and evaluate the process so far.


“We are very happy to share our expertise and support FISU in this Healthy Campus project,” said Mr Bazavluk of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. From Johanessburg, Ms Mahlangu added that “This is a very interesting project for the future and for every student in the world. We are very grateful to be part of it from the beginning.”


The FISU Healthy Campus project aims to provide universities worldwide with systematic guidelines and tool kits to ensure the well-being and healthy lifestyle of their students. The next milestone on this road will be the final definition of the toolkit after evaluation of the case studies received from the pilot universities.


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