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07 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Summer FISU World University Games, Tennis

Sood Twins aim for FISU Glory


GWANGJU - We often find families interested in the same sports, like the William sisters, the Murray brothers and others. But it is not often that they are twins and identical. Well the 28th Universiade in Gwangju Korea will see the identical duo of Chandril Sood and Lakshit Sood, from India feature in the Men’s Doubles in tennis. Tennis is to the Soods a family affair as their father played the game too and they would both want to make it internationally and what better place to start than the Universiade.

It seems like the twins are not just interested in the same sport but also pulled to the same academic pursuit. Lakshit Sood is a business communication & accounting student from the Aligarh Muslim University in Delhi, India. “Our father used to play tennis, we started playing when we were 5 years old and we both liked it, as we grew older, we discovered we loved the game and wanted to do more with the ability and also being twins and in the same game is advantageous, we have good coordination and everything, we think alike so its relatively easy to work together there is no need to search for a partner, which has aided our development”.

Lakshit’s twin brother Chandril is a Masters student of Business Administration and Finance also from the Aligarh Muslim University. He was at the Universiade in Kazan and believes his experience in the game will definitely rob off on his twin. “Being here is a start of something new for us. It feels good to be here with my brother, I will not be playing in the singles game this year because we have other team mates who are good enough but I would love to someday play against Lakshit in a competition”, he smiles. Though this is the first outing for them as partners, they intend to get as far in the competition as possible.


Chidiebere Ezeani (NGR), FISU Young Reporter