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27 May 2012 | in World University Championships, Taekwondo

2012 WUC Taekwondo: Kyorugi competition takes centre stage

Kyurogi finals attracted a lot of local attention

 - Today was the first day of Kyorugi competition and the third day of World University Taekwondo Championship, in Pocheon (Korea).

The Men’s -54kg saw Meidam Bagheri Dehcheshmeh from Iran beat Ahmad Nabil Huhammad Faqih from Indonesia by 4-0 in the final. The bronze medals went to Suh Yun Jang from Korea and Johnny Nguyen from the USA. In the men’s -68kg category, the gold medal went to Abbas Sheikhu from Iran who beat Hye Seung Yun from Korea by 7-6. Abbas Sheikhi’s took the lead in the last round with 12s remaining on the clock. A strong head-kick, followed by yet another well placed kick, guaranteed the 1st place. Turgay Yildirim from Turkey and Maxim Baranovskiy from Russia took bronze.


Mongolia and Egypt locked in competition


In the Women’s -46kg category final was between Weiyu Tsai from Chinese Taipei and Lorenzo Amoedo from the Philippines. The final score was 10-8 to Chuang. In this category, the bronze medals went to Lorenzo Amoedo from Spain and Kim from Korea.

In the Women’s -57kg category the gold medal winner was Malak from Egypt who beat Tseng of Chinese Taipei by 2-1. The bronze medals went to Muñoz from Cuba and Chavez from Mexico.

 Overview of spectators on 3rd day at WUC Taekwondo


Results Poomsae (May 27)

Kyorugi Men’s -54kgGold: Dehcheshmeh (IRI), Silver: Faqih (INA), Bronze: Jang (ESP) and Nguyen (KOR)

Kyorugi Men’s -68kg: Gold: Sheikhu (IRI), Silver: Yun (KOR), Bronze: Yildirim (TUR) and Baranovskiy (RUS)

Kyorugi Women’s -46kg: Gold: Tsai (TPE), Silver: Pelaez (PHI), Bronze: Amoedo (ESP) and Kim (KOR)

Kyorugi Women’s -57kg: Gold: Malak (EGY), Silver: Tseng (TPE), Bronze: Muñoz (CUB) and Chavez (MEX)


(Source: Yoonsu KIM, 2012 WUC Taekwondo OC)


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