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05 July 2010 | in Taekwondo, World University Championships

2010 WUC Taekwondo Update: Final Curtain at 11th Edition


VIGO - The final day of competition at the FISU World University Taekwondo Championship lived up to expectations with emotions running high. The stage was set for the final weight categories: men’s -63 kg and -80 kg, and women’s -53 kg and -67 kg.

The morning session was busy with the event’s only protest being officialised by team Iran in the men’s -80 kg category. The analysis caused a long delay but eventually the morning session was concluded, with Iran winning the appeal.

In the men’s -63 kg weight category, the gold medal was awarded to Jong Hyun Kim for beating Reza Naderian of Iran by 15-11. Bronze went to Rafik Zohri of Netherlands and Nuno COSTA from Portugal.

The men's -80kg Gold medal went to Rouhollah Talebikahangi from Iran that beat Ayoub Ennadiri from the Netherlands in the final by 9-7. The podium was closed by Fernando Rascado Rios of Spain and Torann Maizeroi of France.

The female -53kg saw Kübra YANGIN from Turkey earn gold over Su Won Lim from Korea in a very closely fought match. The bronze medals went to Manuela Bezzola from Switzerland and Yi-Hsuan Tseng from Chinese Taipei.

In the Women’s-62KG, Chae Lin Jin from Korea took the gold and World University title by winning the final against Taimí Castellanos Estrada from Cuba by 4-3. The bronze medals went to Li Meirong from China and Wan-Ting Lu frmo Chinese Taipei.

After a long and hot day, with the temperature running even too high indoors, the 11th World University Taekwondo Championship was brought to an end with the Closing Ceremony. After the final remarks of the authorities present, the FISU flag was handed over by the OC to FISU EC member Kemal Tamer which in turn passed it onto the next edition organisers – Pocheon, Korean.



Men’s -63kg

GOLD Jong Hyun KIM (Korea)


BRONZE Rafik ZOHRI (Netherlands) and Nuno COSTA (Portugal)

Men's -80kg


SILVER Ayoub ENNADIRI (Netherlands)

BRONZE Fernando RASCADO RIOS (Spain) and Torann MAIZEROI (France)

Women’s -53kg

GOLD H. Kübra YANGIN (Turkey)

SILVER Su Won LIM (Korea)

BRONZE Manuela BEZZOLA (Switzerland) and Yi-Hsuan TSENG (Chinese Taipei)

Women’s -67kg

GOLD Chae Lin JIN (Korea)


BRONZE Li MEIRONG (China) and Wan-Ting LU (Chinese Taipei)

(Source: Paulo Ferreira, FISU Executive Asst.)




FISU Assessor Kemal Tamer & Laura Magdalena (OC)