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29 November 2013 | in NUSF News, Swimming

Swimming Stars shone at Hungarian University Nationals


 László Cseh in action

BUDAPEST A significant number of participants (186) gathered again for the Hungarian university swimming championship. It took place in the Komjádi swimming pool where 24 academies' 186 attendants – many star athletes from the national team – competed for the medals. In the men's events László CSEH (Shenzhen SU triple gold medallist) dominated, like in the women's Ágnes MUTINA and Evelyn VERRASZTÓ have won more than one gold medal, but Krisztián TAKÁCS and Gábor FINANCSEK took 1st places as well.

Prof. Dr. Ádám KISS, president of the Hungarian University Sports Federation (MEFS) opened the event. After the participants started off with the sprint events: 11 heats were needed in the men’s 50m freestyle to let every participant accomplish the distance. The sprinting specialist Krisztián TAKÁCS from Dunaújváros College has beaten the Budapest University of Technology and Economics representative László CSEH. He later finished second in two additional events behind the best ones of the respective strokes’ (in 100m freestyle Bence GYÁRFÁS, in 100m breaststroke Gábor FINANCSEK managed to come first) so after half an hour CSEH already had 3 silver medals. People wanted to cheer him up that this performance cited the fine old glorious days (2008 Beijing Olympics where he also won three silver medals) but CSEH stated that he would definitely win the rest of the events. And he did: in 100m butterfly he had the biggest and finest battle of the day where he won with 0.08 seconds difference against Bence BICZÓ from University of Debrecen who had earned a gold medal at the Kazan Universiade earlier this year. Later CSEH won unrivalled in the 400m freestyle and in the 200m IM, this way he managed to collect three gold and three silver medals.

“Huh, this was even tougher than the hardest training”, CSEH said while grasping for air at the end of the day. “It was a long time ago that I had such a tiring session, especially when I had to swim 400m freestyle right after the 100m butterfly... By and large it was a really big and also great help to know the limits and what I am capable of before the European Short Course Swimming Championship.”

In the women's events Evelyn VERRASZTÓ and Ágnes MUTINA – both European champions in 2010 – had the right to have a big smile on their faces according to the visibly spotless results of the competition. Both had won three gold medals apiece representing the Semmelweis University. “I have never had such a tough training in my life that I had on Thursday, so it was a tough day. Still, the swimming was great and I really needed this positive feedback”, said Evelyn VERRASZTÓ who smiled for the first time in a while.

Furthermore, she was a part of the Championship's special event, the 10x50m freestyle relay. In this event her relay team (Semmelweis University) finished in the 3rd place which was a quite amazing performance as they had four women in the team compared to the other institutes' relay teams which featured ten men. The special relay was won by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics team, so László CSEH won another gold medal at the end of the day.

It can be stated that the technicians had the home advantage because as always they were the host of the championship. The Director of Sports of the University, dr. Pál VINCZE could be satisfied by the look of the athletes and their performances.


(Source: MEFS)