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28 February 2020 | in Summer World University Games

Embarking on a new journey, Chengdu 2021 venue construction kicks into high gear

Currently in the steel structure construction stage, the Dong'an Lake Sports Park is about to impress the world


As the host of the 31st Summer World University Games, Chengdu is the first world-level multi-sport event to be held in the metropolis – as well as in the whole Western China region. 


Artistic rendering of the magnificent Dong'an Lake Sports Park project After China’s national Spring Festival holiday in late January, the construction of the venues for the Chengdu 2021 FISU Summer World University Games has resumed. According to the plan, there are 49 stadiums and gymnasiums that will be built or renovated by April 2021. Chengdu organisers say the construction has “shifted into the “fast-lane” with workers “kicking it into high gear.”


The layout of the magnificent Dong'an Lake Sports Park project – one of the marquee legacy project from the Games – includes one stadium, three gymnasiums and one hotel. The 40,000 seat stadium is the park project’s major focal point and will serve as the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 31st Summer World University Games.


The three gymnasiums include an 15,000-seat complex, a 5,000-seat swimming and diving venue and a comprehensive small gymnasium. Venue construction started on October 26th, 2018, with a scheduled completion date of April 2021.


In late 2019, the stadium recently entered the steel structure construction stage.


The Dong'an Lake Sports Park project, before construction “kicked into high gear.”This year is critical in the construction process, with the construction entering the "final spurt" stage. According to the project manager, governments of all levels showed great concern about the project and provided generous amounts of help.


The enhanced city infrastructure are being built according to the new development path of Chengdu. The municipal, district and community government levels are involved in the process, ensuring that the new works are in-line with the needs of the residents long after the Games-time period has ended.


With the detailed planning, a whole comprehensive sports facilities system will be built that caters both to the needs of holding massive sports events and serving for public exercises. As a result, the overall level of sports service of Chengdu will be increased, and the professional training sites can provide better training for competition. 


The head of Chengdu 2021’s construction work proudly stated: "We have full confidence in finishing our construction goals on time, and impressing the world with our excellent stadiums and gymnasiums!" Artistic rendering of the under construction Dong'an Lake Sports Park project with the 15,000 seat gymnasium in the foreground. The venue will be home to the swimming competition during the 31st Summer World University Games.