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28 April 2020 | in Summer FISU World University Games

Creativity Requested! Help design the Ekaterinburg 2023 event mascot

The second stage of the mascot design for the Ekaterinburg 2023 Summer FISU World University Games is currently underway 


EkatDesignHelp make your mark on the 31st Summer FISU World University Games by helping design the Ekaterinburg 2023 event mascot as the second stage is going on now. But designers better not delay, as while the acceptance of works opened up just this week, submissions must be in within the next three weeks, after which the jury will choose the three best options.

The first step in choosing the mascot was a large-scale vote of Russians for the most attractive characters. According to voting results, 12 of the most popular characters were named. Now, each of them will have to get a visual embodiment with the help of young artists.

The conditions for participation in the competition are simple: you must be an active student of any art university of the Russian Federation and, as of April 27 this year, register on the website talisman.ekat2023.com.

Three participants whose works will come through to the final will receive two invitations to the opening ceremony of the Ekaterinburg 2023 Summer FISU World University Games.

Creating the mascot is a unique opportunity for young designers to make themselves known. The FISU World University Games mascot is one of the most frequently used and recognisable elements of the Games. It is a symbol of a historical sporting event, whose image will be distributed around the world as millions of TV pictures, photos in social networks and various souvenirs. The mascot will be recognized across the globe long before the Games start.

"We all look forward to creating the mascot for the upcoming World Games," says Evgeny Kuyvashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk region. - Probably, from the outside, it looks like a family preparation for the appearance of a long-awaited child. We will have to choose a suitable name for the new hero and help him find a happy fate."

The result of online voting at the first stage was a shortlist of the following characters: brown bear, sable, reindeer, wolf, raccoon dog, elk, lizard, black stork, wild boar, fox, Silver hoof, malachite. It is now up to art students to portray them. The character should not remain faceless;

it should be given attributes and personality traits from the list, which was also defined by the interviewed Russians. Attributes include, for example, a starting number on the back or chest, stylish glasses, and a cap. The personality traits that were most often mentioned in the survey are friendliness, curiosity, wisdom.

"The World University Games are an unforgettable event that brings together thousands of students and fans from different countries. One of the brightest memories that guests will take with them is the artistic image of the Games symbol.

In my opinion, the mascot should be modern in appearance and perky in nature. At the same time, it is intended to inspire a sense of pride for the host country and embody the friendliness and hospitality of the hosts," said Alexander Chernov, Head of the Executive Direction of the Games 2023.

Students can work on the image of the mascot not only on their own but also in groups. The application deadline is three weeks starting from April 27. On May 18, acceptance of the works will be completed.

A jury will determine three finalists for whom animators will develop three-dimensional models, come up with names and personal stories.

Images of three talismans-finalists will be brought out for final choice on national voting. Every resident of Russia will be able to vote for their favourite.

The Krasnoyarsk 2019 event mascot U-Laika won over plenty of hearts before, during and after the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade, including the inaugural class of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy