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25 March 2019 | in Summer Universiade

With 100 days to go, Napoli 2019 plans #ToBeUnique!

The final countdown has just begun. One hundred days to go until the start of the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade, which will be held in the sunny southern Italian city from 3-14 July. Some famous Neapolitan sporting champions such as boxer Patrizio Oliva, water polo player Pino Porzio, judoka Gianni Maddaloni and swimmer Vincenzo Boni came together to send a warm invitation to the world, for the 30th Summer Universiade. 


Three-time world champion fencer and Olympic gold medalist Sandro Cuomo, who also participated in the Universiade in Edmonton in 1983, launched his message too, saying: “It is a big international event that represents an opportunity to relaunch the whole territory. I am sure that the fencing competition, will give great satisfaction”.


The former water polo champion Pino Porzio said: “Come to Naples and live better. Winning here is different. Naples is a special, magical place and ideal for those who want to attend an important sporting event like the Universiade but also enjoy a unique holiday among Neapolitans at the same time. The people here world renowned as hospitable and kind."


In addition to the image of Napoli and the Campania region, it is the competition that will be the main attraction.


Gianni Maddaloni, gold medalist at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, highlighted the importance of victory in a big international event. “Sport is sacrifice, sweat and rules," he said. "Not only for the athlete, but also for the family, for the whole country. Often, the Universiade produces athletes who go on to triumph at the Olympics and the World Championships."


"With sport events of this calibre, all kinds of ethnic and political barriers are torn down. There are no social fences,” explained Vincenzo Boni, bronze medalist (50 meters backstroke S3) in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. “Athletes from countries at war shake hands and eat together in the Village. We will experience extraordinary emotions in Naples too”.


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