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08 February 2018 | in Summer Universiade

FISU meets with Napoli 2019 Commissioner on Summer Universiade preparation

Both the Italian University Sports Federation (CUSI) and the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) commit their full support to Napoli 2019 Commissioner, Ms. Luisa Latella 


Following the nomination of the Napoli 2019 Summer University Commissioner Ms. Luisa Latella, FISU and the Commission had their first official meeting in Napoli landmark Piazza Plebiscito on 9 February.  The meetings were also held in presence of the CUSI President Lorenzo Lentini and his staff, the CONI Senior Representative Raffaele Pagnozzi (Secretary General of European Olympic Committes) and the FISU Delegation, led by the Secretary General / CEO Eric Saintrond and the Summer Universiade Department staff.


Commissioner Ms. Luisa Latella met FISU Delegation with the presence of CUSI and CONI.

During the meeting, various key topics were brought to open discussions, and the focus put on the progress of the Athletes’ Village, workforce recruitment and nomination, the re-structure of the organisational chart, tender process, technology and broadcast plans. 


“The last four Universiades were held in Asia or Asia-Europe, and were recognised by sport organisations as fantastic events," Mr. Saintrond said. "Now we are happy to come back to Europe and especially in Italy. CUSI and Italy have been with FISU from the very beginning, from the date that we created FISU. We had the first Universiade in Italy, and it will be a great occasion to celebrate in 2019 the 60th anniversary of the Universiade and the 70th anniversary of FISU.


"FISU is not only a sport event organiser, as FISU is organising the events for students, who are the leaders of tomorrow," Mr. Saintrond added. "The project in the Campania region is exactly what we are looking for. The legacy of the event is of great importance: the social legacy for young people, reconstruction of the venues, and also to promote healthy lives through sport and physical activities."


"FISU is organising the events for students, who are the leaders of tomorrow. The legacy of the project in the Region of Campania is of great importance”, mentioned by Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary General/CEO


Both CUSI and CONI will be highly involved in the project from now on, and have committed their full supports to the Commissioner. CONI will provide its expertise and resources mainly in the sport field while CUSI will  offer its experiences in operating delegation services and other event organisation functions.

 Six team and individual Fencing events are on the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade sports programme

Ms. Luisa Latella expressed her appreciation on this meeting and all support that FISU provided in the past months. “As a person, it is my job to take over all difficulties and challenges to move on, and I hope together we will be able to deliver a very successful Summer Universiade in 2019," Ms. Latella said while also confirming that she would attend the FISU Executive Committee Meeting on 2 March 2018 to present the Universiade progress report with her fellow Napoli 2019 organisers.


Ms. Luisa Latella was appointed Commissioner for the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade project on 20 January and was on board since 6 February to lead the preparation and the delivery of one of the largest multi-sport events in the world.