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14 June 2019 | in Summer Universiade, Hosting

Ekaterinburg one step closer to hosting Summer Universiade 2023

EKATERINBURG – The Russian city of Ekaterinburg moved one step closer to being attributed the Summer Universiade 2023, as the FISU Evaluation Committee conducted a visit from 10-13 June.


The Committee was composed of FISU Vice President Marian Dymalski, FISU Treasurer Danzandorj Byayasgalan, FISU Secretary General-CEO Eric Saintrond and FISU Winter Universiade Director Milan Augustin.


FISU President Oleg Matytsin also joined the Committee for the first day of presentations. The President of the Russian Sport Union, Sergey Seyranov, also accompanied the delegation during the entire visit.


The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region, headed by Governor Kuyvashev Evgeny, presented the Universiade project in its entirety, mentioning the most important aspects that are being planned for the next few years. Among them is the prime project of the Universiade Village which will later become a residence for the students of the Ural Federal University.


Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev and FISU President Oleg Matytsin interact with the media
“The legacy of the Universiade is very important for FISU,” said President Matytsin. “The fact that the Universiade village will eventually become housing for the Federal university is excellent. Other facilities will also be used to expand and develop various faculties of the university. In that sense, it will not only be a local legacy for Ekaterinburg, but in fact, one for all of the Russian Federation.”

FISU Secretary General-CEO Eric Saintrond at the presentationThe Committee visited about fifteen venues, including the Aquatic complex and the Multi-purpose Ice Arena.


While considerable amount of work needs to be undertaken to construct and refurbish most of the venues, the delegation was particularly impressed by the new Ekaterinburg Expo Centre, a gigantic infrastructure that could welcome six to eight sports.


Following this visit, the Evaluation Committee will present a report to the FISU Executive Committee in Naples on 2 July, and will submit its opinion and recommendations.


A decision will be taken after a presentation made by the Bidding Committee.


FISU Secretary General-CEO Eric Saintrond said, “The Executive Committee members will vote on the decision in July. We need a majority of the votes to be able to attribute the Universiade to Ekaterinburg. The presentation to the Executive Committee and also the feedback of the evaluation Committee will be crucial to the EC’s decision.”


After Moscow 1973 and Kazan 2013, Ekaterinburg would be the third edition of the Summer Universiade organised in Russia. The bid has received the support and guarantees of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and the Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.


Due to its unique geographical position on the border of Europe and Asia, the city occupies a special place on Russia’s map and is one of the country’s most compact cities with about 1.5 million inhabitants. One of Russia’s major educational centers, Ekaterinburg has 30 higher education institutions with about 200,000 students enrolled.


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