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31 October 2013 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

Baku postpones Bid for 2019 Summer Universiade


BAKU - The bidding committee for the FISU Summer Universiade Bid Baku 2019 has decided to postpone its bid for the leading sporting event in the world of student sport for at least two years, leaving Brasilia and Budapest to battle it out on 9 November when the games will be attributed by the FISU Executive Committee in Brussels.

Accordingly to the head of the national student sport organization Tofig Khanaliyev, President of the Freewill Student Sport Society of the republic of Azerbaijan, those responsible of the Government, the city of Baku and the student movement came to the conclusion that – because certain key criteria have changed since the beginning of the bid – the bid needs to be postponed.

Taking into account that Baku will host 3 large scaled events such as the Baku European Games in 2015, the World Chess Olympiad in 2016 and the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017, it seems to be impossible to provide new accommodations within 2 years for all participants, athletes, sport officials, family and friends, media and guests of the FISU Summer Universiade in 2019.

The situation has changed since the beginning of the bid based on the fact, that the urban development plan, which is not yet finalized and confirmed by the government foresees a prospective relocation of the State University. This strategic move would have a tremendous impact on housing and traffic plans for the Universiade.

Azerbaijan gives a huge amount of investment in youth, sport and education spheres which increases year by year and the government plans to continue this process in upcoming years. In order to provide the best conditions for the young people and also to be an excellent host for the student games the new planning will focus on the specific requirements of FISU and on eco-friendly and sustainable buildings.


(Source: Baku 2019 Universiade Bidding Committee)

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