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09 January 2015 | in Summer FISU World University Games, FISU, Multisports

FISU 30th Summer Universiade 2019



LAUSANNE – 9 Jan, 2015 - On 19 December 2014, the newly elected Governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, Mr. Rodrigo Rollemberg, informed the President of FISU that Brasilia would not be in a position to meet its financial commitments within the final deadline set by FISU and that the decision was taken to waive Brasilia’s rights on the organisation of the FISU 30th Summer Universiade.

Both the Minister of Sports of Brazil and the President of the National University Sport Federation of Brazil, the CBDU, expressed their disappointment regarding this situation and conveyed their joint commitment to take all necessary steps in order to try to keep the 30th Universiade in Brazil.

It is worth pointing out that the Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg stressed in its press release issued a few days ago, that the decision taken by Brasilia was only linked to its current financial situation and that, otherwise, the 30th Universiade would be “a positive event for Brasilia”.

Obviously, the bidding process for the 30th Universiade is reopened. Some candidates have already expressed their interest in hosting the Games. In its turn, the CBDU is working with the Ministry of Sport of Brazil to find an alternative to the City of Brasilia.

As to the other consequences of Brasilia’s decision, FISU will discuss the matter with all interested parties in Brazil, in order to find a satisfactory solution.


Eric Saintrond, FISU SG/CEO