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11 November 2020 | in Summer FISU World University Games

Ekat 2023 mascots revealed with 1000 days to go

Meet Cedry the guitarist, Heaty the blogger and Yaggy the baller

1000 days before the start of the Ekaterinburg 2023 FISU World University Games, the entire Russian Federation saw the long-awaited mascots during the airing of a popular evening television show. The deer 'Yaggy', malachite 'Heaty' and sable 'Cedry' came to the show as participants.


Ekat mascot CedryEkat 2023 mascot Cedry the sable is a guitarist and music fanCedry the sable is a guitarist and music fan, who can be considered a reference to the Sverdlovsk rock club. On the television show, where FISU President Oleg Matytsin was also present, Cedry performed a joint track with the music band Fruits. His yellow shirt with green accents was a reference to the emblem of the Ekaterinburg 2023 Games.

Heaty, happens to be a blogger, who suitably streamed the show live on Instagram. Her green suit symbolizes the patterns of the mineral gemstone malachite.

Yaggy is a basketball player, who displayed his skills with a 3-pointer. His look is inspired by the Russian fairytale 'Silver Hoof' and so one of the deer's boots is painted in an unusual silver colour.


"Ekaterinburg is truly a sports city. It is the birthplace of outstanding athletes who have won the most prestigious awards for their country and hometown," said FISU President and Minister of Sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin. "Such achievements are impossible without a modern sports infrastructure, without the best coaches, without the support of the stands. I am confident that preparing for the World University Games will unite us, give us a new goal and motivation to learn about sports, watch sports, play sports and get better!" 

Ekat mascot HeatyEkat 2023 mascot Heaty is a blogger, who represents the mineral gemstone malachiteThe mascots have their own Instagram account, where they will communicate with fans and provide the latest news on preparations for the Games. Masks with images of Yaggy, Heaty and Cedry will also appear on Instagram.

"Ekaterinburg is inextricably linked with sports. Two years ago, we hosted the FIFA World Cup," said the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuyvashev. "From today, the countdown of 1000 days to the FISU World University Games will begin."


"In 2023, we will welcome thousands of young athletes and guests from all over the world. We have everything to make this an unforgettable event. Our task is to be as open as possible, to draw as many people, ideas, projects, businesses as possible into the orbit of the World University Games. The Games are, first of all, new opportunities and points of growth." 


Besides the presentation of the mascots 1000 days before the start of the Games, the Countdown Clock was also launched in the Historical Square of Ekaterinburg. The clock is made in the spirit of constructivism and is equipped with two screens. The screens show the time remaining before the start of the competitions and information about the preparation for the Games.


Ekat mascot YaggyEkat 2023 mascot Yaggy is a basketball player"1000 days is a milestone in the preparation for the Games," said Alexander Chernov, the head of the Organising Committee. "We presented the mascots on this date. Now Heaty, Yaggy and Cedry will accompany us until the closing ceremony of the Games."


"They will meet the athletes, cheer the audience in the stands. They will tell the guests about the major events around the World University Games. They are an important symbol of the Games, and I sincerely believe that the characters turned out to be kind and lively, and will be received well around the world."