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14 October 2016 | in World University Championships, Sport Climbing

1st WUC Sport Climbing - Lead Finals



SHANGHAI - Today, the women’s and men’s Lead Finals were scheduled at the 1st WUC Sport Climbing in Shanghai. It was the perfect day with no rain and no scorching sun. The highly anticipated women’s Lead Final started at the Songjiang campus of Donghua University.

The Lead distinguishes the level of the players' performances with difficulty of the climbing route, the result of the competition is determined by the rock's height the athletes reach at a specified time.

The cliff is generally 15 meters high, and the line is set according to the level of the contestants. Usually the roof type is more difficult.

On the climbing wall, the competitors are exhibiting their perfect posture, raising the arms, heaving the feet and climbing up, like dancers, as cheers and applause embrace them.

The championship climb was between Julia Chanourdie (FRA) and Minseon Kim (KOR). Eventually, the French climber edged out and became the winner.

The men’s lead final was won by Dmitrii Fakiryanov (RUS) who beat Javier Cano-Blazquez (ESP).


(Source: OC WUC Sport Climbing)


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