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12 December 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Snowboarding

Student, Snowboarder and Entrepreneur


Leo Trespeuch racing in red and blue of France 

MONTE BONDONE - The first medals of the Winter Universiade were won at Monte Bondone in the Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Cross. The Czech Republic took both gold and silver in the Women’s, while Hanno Douschan of Austria took gold in the men’s.

Amongst the finalists was bronze medal winner Leo Trespeuch of France. This was not Trespeuch’s first taste of the Universiade as he won gold in the same event in Turin in 2007. “Because I won in 2007 I would have liked the same here, but I am really happy to finish third,” he said.

Since then he has gone onto compete in the World Championships while continuing to study at the University of Savoy in order, in his own words, “to become smarter”. He is now working towards writing a thesis about marketing in sport and what the sportsman brings to the brand.

Bronze medallist Trespeuch after the flower ceremony

The last few years have not only been filled with snowboarding and studying. Trespeuch has shown his entrepreneurial flair, as he has managed to find time to create two companies: Ikkar, a soft drink and Development Durable, a consultancy.

And how does Trespeuch managed to have time for all this? He jokingly offered an explanation, “Before the iPhone, my life was difficult.  Maybe before I had a race and an exam at the same time, but now thanks to my calendar I can manage my time.”

It is unlikely that this will be the last that we see of the Frenchman. Having started his Universiade career six years ago, he is not planning on giving up just yet, “I hope to go to the next Universiade in Spain, with the good sun. I like it when there is sun!”


Toby Fisher, FISU Young Reporter