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22 February 2018 | in FISU World University Championships, Ski Orienteering

Norway, Russia top the podium during WUC Ski Orienteering Sprint day

Ski Orienteering had a very successful edition of the World University Championships in the forest just outside of Tartu, Estonia last year

TARTU, ESTONIA - The first day of competition at the 2018 FISU World University Ski Orienteering Championship got started under dazzling sunny skies and cold powder conditions in the Baltic village of Haanja.


The Women’s Ski Orienteering Sprint kicked off the medal events, with Norway’s Anna Ulvensoeen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology winning in a time of 14:48. Estonia’s Daisy Kudre from the University of Tartu finished in second 30 seconds behind, with Russia’s Mariia Petrushko from Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design (+33 seconds) taking the final podium position.


“Funny tracks with lots of hills,” the winner Ulvensoeen said. “Start was little difficult because of the multiple choices in tracks. Good races. Fast skis. Good results.”


In the men’s event, Russia’s Sergey Gorlanov of Pacific State Univesity (14:48) finished three seconds in front of his countrymate Vladislav Kiselev from Chaijkovskij State Institute of Physical Training (14:51) to take the WUC Ski Orienteering Sprint title. Norway’s Joergen Haugen Madslien of Norwegian University of Science and Technology was just another four seconds back (14:55) to finish third.


Athlete Reception

Tartu's deputy mayor Reno Laidre hosted an athlete reception event in the town hall where he expressed the city’s happiness to host the 2018 FISU World University Ski Orienteering Championships. Mr.Laidre emphasised that Ski Orienteering is part of the sports fabric of Tartu residents, and that the WUC event joins a growing list of successful orienteering competitions that have taken place inTartu.


Both FISU Executive Committee member Mr. Fernando Parente and Estonian Academic Sports Federation President Ants Veetõusme were on hand to thank the city of Tartu for holding the championships.


With two days in the books from the five-day sports event, general manager Marek Dononin said his organising team was pleased with the start – and the fresh snow.


“So far, the event has gone great,” Mr. Dononin said. “Thankfully, we have an amazing team who have given their best and thanks to that we haven't had any problems. Our situation was a little bit hectic few months back, because we couldn't be sure if the weather would allow to even hold the championship. Because of that we had to keep our spirits high and only hope.”