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18 December 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Short Track Speed Skating

Referee Also Goes to Sochi


 Short Track referee Alessandro Mauri in action

TRENTO - The Universiade is a famous breeding ground for Olympic athletes. Indeed, many of the Trentino 2013 competitors will be taking part in the Winter Olympics next year. However, it is not only the athletes who will be going to Sochi.

Short Track referee Alessandro Mauri will be one of eight referees to appear in the Olympic Games. “It will be a great pleasure for me, because I did not expect it. The team is great – I will work with many people who are a lot better than me”, said Mauri about Sochi, which will be his first taste of the Olympics. “I hope it will not be my last!”, he added.

Short Track referee Alessandro Mauri

Despite soon moving to a bigger stage, Mauri is still enjoying his time at the Universiade. While it of course is not as important as the Olympics, he believes that it plays a crucial role for the development of future stars.

However, it is not just future Olympians but also those who will not be able compete at such a high level. “For athletes who do not have a chance to go to the Olympic Games, it is great for them”, he said.

Most of all, Mauri’s presence at these games confirms the high quality that the Universiade has in international sport; not only is it a breeding ground for athletes but also for officials!


Toby Fisher, FISU Young Reporter