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18 December 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Short Track Speed Skating

Follow Your Sister


TRENTO - Alongside two Chinese and three Korean skaters in the Ladies’ 1,500m Short Track final was one Hungarian: Bernadett Heidum. Without any allies in the race, she did well to come in second place and take the silver medal.

Heidum won bronze in the relay in Erzurum two years ago and was delighted to go one better this time. However, she may have never won either medal if it was not for her older sister. Not unusually for a young girl, she always followed her sister’s example.

 “When I was a child I always did what my sister did,” the Hungarian explained. “We went onto an open ice rink in Hungary. A club coach picked my sister, as she was good. So we asked if I could go too. “

The silver medalist did not take to the sport straight away but grew to love it over time, “I was not so good, I was a chubby kid and not so sporty. But I ended up in a club and started to like it. My sister gave up when she was fourteen, but I am still doing it and I’m twenty-five. It was my first love.”

Indeed, it has proved to be a very successful love. Heidum is hopeful for a good result in the team relay, but her main focus will be on the Olympics in Sochi at the start of next year. In the meantime though, she is enjoying her time in Trentino.


Toby Fisher, FISU Young Reporter