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24 November 2010 | in Other Events

FISU 1st Vice-President speaks at IDEF Symposium

BRUSSELS Monday November 19th the third edition of the annual symposium of the Institut de Droit d’Expression et d’Inspiration Français (I.D.E.F.) was organized in Brussels at the Constitutional Court, under the high auspices of the Olympic international Committee.

Symposium Topic

April 2nd, 1965 came into force in Belgium the first law regulating the ban of doping. Her application by courts proved to be difficult in practice, due to the communautarization of the country and the membership in the European Community. The existence of diverse sources of regulation and different procedures contributed to give rise to a feeling of juridical insecurity: it is difficult to find dispositions applicable to every case and to know which judicial and disciplinary authorities are competent to apply dispositions forbidding doping. Who is competent in anti-doping? The problematic is ambiguous and draws away numerous questionings: who regulates? Who punishes? Who informs? Who educates?

The object of the symposium of IDEF was to introduce the different aspects of these problems, which concern not only the jurists, but all sportsmen, as well as the magistrates, the sports leaders, the doctors, the law students, the journalists and the public.


Among speakers who tried to answer those questions, Me Paul Martens, Emeritus  President of the Belgian Constitutional Court, Me Luc Silance, lawyer in Brussels, ancient legal adviser of the International Olympic Committee, Me Leo Van de Velde , member of the Sports Arbitration Tribunal (TAS), Me Dominique Gavage, lawyer in Brussels, manager of the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee,  Me Gérald Simon, Professor at the University of Bourgogne, Me Luc Misson, lawyer specialized in Community right, famous by initiating «  the Bosman Arrest », which by liberalizing transfers and by forbidding to restrict the number of national players changed the outlook of European professional football, and Professor Claude-Louis Gallien.


Participation of FISU

Mr. Claude-Louis Gallien, First Vice-President of FISU, discussed the two complementary « logics » in anti-doping that are repression and responsabilization. He explained how information and education can have a strong and positive impact on the way to prevent doping among the young athletes. Claude-Louis Gallien presented to the audience the anti-doping educational pilot project that will be developed by FISU in partnership with WADA, based on the participation of the five FISU Continental University Sport Associations, and a University Network covering countries in the five continents.

After the presentations a Breakout Session took place, and the symposium was closed by  Mr Benoït Cerexhe, Minister in the Government of the Region of Brussels-Capital in charge with the Policy of Health.


 FISU 1st Vice-President Claude-Louis Gallien