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03 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Other Events, Summer FISU World University Games, FISU

2nd FISU Gala honours the best of the University Movement





GWANGJU – The FISU Family gathered on 2 July for the 2nd FISU Gala at the Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall. A number of awards were presented combined with stunning performances that demonstrated traditional Korean culture and incorporated technology. The Orchestra of Light was an intricate light show using lasers while the powerful operatic vocals from soprano Yoo Hyung-min and tenor Yoon Byung Kil teamed up for a pop opera performance.

After the awards ceremony, the FISU Young Reporters had a chat with the award winners. Hereafter you can read some quotes.

Taking home the awards for Best World University Championship 2014 were the organizers of the 2014 World University Beach Volleyball Championships in Porto. Freitas, the president of the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP): “It’s amazing to see our effort’s result, this award from FISU opens a huge door for the Portuguese sport in general and student sport in particular, to believe in ourselves and to organize more events on an international level.” -  Henda Maarfi (TUN), YR.

One of the oldest partners of the FISU – the International Ski Federation was honoured with the Best International Sport Federation Award. Sung Won Lee, FIS Vice-President: “It is a prestigious award given to us by our partners, I am confident that we will constantly work hand in hand to promote University sports and Ski Sports to work together to make better sports tournaments and athletes.”

Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism took home the Best University Award. The academy has had a large presence at past Universiades. Kairat Zakiryanov: “All I want is that FISU will raise higher and higher and to spread its wings, also to have a powerful position in the international organizations. That`s why we are sending a lot of students to participate in the games, not to mention the support of our government. Moreover, that`s why my country is hosting the 2017 games in Almaty.” – Mahmoud Khoudy (EGY), YR

The Best Athlete Pair award was given to the Russian figure skating pair Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov, gold winners at the 26th Winter Universiade in Trentino, Italy in 2013, Russian champions in 2014 and medallists of the ISU Grand Prix Final and also became ISU World Championships. In Sochi, Russia, their impeccable presentation led them to get the silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics Games. Currently the pair is preparing hard for the new season and could not attend to the ceremony. Nevertheless, the Rector of the Russian University of Physical Education, Mr. Sergey Seyranov received the award on behalf of the pair and on behalf of Russia. “Our country is proud that this couple represents us so well abroad. We always come to the sport competitions with a winning and positive mind, always wishing for victory.” – Karen Quintero (COL), YR

German Olympic gymnast Fabian Hambuchen can add another award to his collection of silver ware. The gymnast was presented with the Best Male Athlete Award. Olympic medallist Hambuchen has also amassed nine World Championships medals and two silvers from the Kazan Universiade, to name a few. This time around he will be looking for gold. “This award means a lot to me and receiving it right before the opening ceremony has made me more inspired and I am looking forward to get the gold medal to this time.” – Dania Abdullah (PAK), YR

The National University Sport Federation from Russia (RSSU) received the Best NUSF award. Oleg Matytsin: “Two years ago we organised the games in Kazan, now we are dreaming about a great Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk. Student sport in Russia receives strong support from the government and our universities are very active. It’s not just one organisation. We have 63 branches and regions of the Russian Federation. This award means we successfully tried to unite the people in Russia trough sport and give them an opportunity to realize something through sport.” – Max Länge (GER), YR

The FISU Fair Play Award went to the Gwangju Universiade OC. “This year it was an honour to be able to receive this award and to be able to receive recognition for the work that our committee has put into the city of Gwangju and the games,” said Co-President of the Gwangju Organizing Committee, Jang Hyun Yoon. – Lizzy Whitbeck, YR

The Best Media Partner award went to Eurosport. Peter Hutton, CEO Eurosport: “It‘s a real privilege to be a part of what FISU does. The Universiade has got the potential to be much better TV content that it has been in the past. We need to try to connect with the domestic audience and build up national heroes in multiple countries.” – Lucie Hrdlickova (CZE), YR

Presentations were also made by the Organising Committees of the next Universiades.

Ilya Urazakov, Almaty 2017 WU: “We pay huge attention to the training of our personnel. We want to increase the number of people involved in mass sports because mass sports is the health of people. A healthy nation - a developed economy.” – Lubov Kudelko (BLR), YR

Chiu Ta-Chan, Taipei City 2017 SU: “We see the opportunity that it’s going to shine on the international stage and we see this as a chance to show the world how capable Taipei is, this is the glory of Taipei.” – Megan McPhaden (CAN), YR

Maksim Urasov, Kransoyarsk 2019 WU: “We came with quite a big delegation to Gwangju to learn and study the experiences. Right now, the venues are quite interesting and well-managed, and we appreciated visiting the Athletes’ Village. It is not a waste of time at all.” – Davis Harrigan (AUS), YR