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16 March 2020 | in NUSF News

The benefits of being a university athlete in Brazil!

You might have heard of campus cards and online benefits for college students, as perks of belonging to a specific campus. However, the Brazilian Confederation of University Sports (CBDU) has taken this concept into an entirely new domain – by creating an online benefits club for university students in the entire country!


APP CBDU (2)Launched just this year, the benefits club serves both, athletes participating in official CBDU competitions as well as university sports enthusiasts who are not necessarily athletes. Thus, both groups have advantages and discounts in several national retail chains, ranging from restaurants to stores.


“So far, we have 43 brands registered in the system,” says a CBDU spokesperson. “The goal is to double this number soon and also add fixed establishments, so that athletes can benefit during competitions.”


CBDU President and FISU Vice President Luciano Cabral clarifies that although the app has been launched, adding features to the benefits club is a gradual, ongoing process in which more and more suppliers will be added to add benefits for athletes


APP CBDU (5)“The idea is to facilitate and cheapen the costs that university athletes incur, especially when they travel to CBDU competitions,” explains Cabral.


The online benefits club works through the official CBDU smartphone app, which is free and available on Android and iOS. The application was developed with the aim of simplifying the daily life of the Brazilian university athlete and sport enthusiast. Through this app, it is possible to check on university sports news, view updates on the competition calendar, have access to a personalised virtual card, in addition to enjoying the exclusive benefits club.


University students can register on the app through their registration in official CBDU events. Upon registration, a virtual card is automatically generated and when enrolled in a competition, the athlete earns free benefits club bonus points for 3 months.


It is also possible for those who are not participating in official CBDU competitions, to register and use the app with a small monthly fee. Check out the app’s interface here . With CBDU leading the way, university students and athletes now have double the reasons to participate in national university sports events.