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28 November 2016 | in NUSF News

Swiss NUSF President elected in EC of Swiss Olympic



ITTIGEN B. BERN - Andreas Csonka, President of the Swiss University Sports Federation since 2008, was elected as a new board member of Swiss Olympic for the next mandate from 2017-2020. During the General Assembly of the Swiss Olympic Association in Ittigen b.Bern, Andreas Csonka underlined the importance of University sport in general, but stressed also the fact that the SUSF is heavily involved in the long term project of dual career which should help students to combine elite sports and study achievements. Csonka is also member of the Board of the Swiss University Sports Foundation as well as responsible for elite sport in the Swiss Rowing Federation.

The so-called ‘Swiss Sport Parliament’ elected Jürg Stahl as new President of Swiss Olympic for the next mandate. Stahl, nominated by the Swiss Gymnastic Federation and well respected member of the Swiss Parliament, got 240 votes, while Werner Augsburger from Swiss Volley had 149 votes and Martin Landolt from Swiss Bobsleigh Federation received 55 votes.

Among the other EC members of Swiss Olympic re-elected Anne-Sylvie Monnet from Swiss Volley participated at several Universiades such as 1983 in Edmonton, and new Board member Mike Kurt from the Swiss Canoe Federation took part at several WUC Whitewater Canoeing, e.g. WUC 2002 in Krakow, Poland.


(Source: Swiss NUSF)