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26 September 2017 | in International Day Of University Sport, NUSF News

Promotion of IDUS in Slovenia


SLOVENIA - The Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA) and its three members – Sports Association of University of Ljubljana (ŠZUL), University Sports Association of Maribor (UŠZM) and University Sports Association of Primorska (UŠZP) took part in the promotion of the International Day of University Sport and organized three events in Slovenia.


Members of UŠZP posing with the IDUS promotion flag in Koper


UŠZP was the first member of SUSA, which organized a IDUS promotion event. On 20 September, the association arranged a 6 km walk between Žusterna and Koper. Participants were equipped with a special IDUS promotion flag.


Members of SUSA, ŠZUL and EUSA on the top of Šmarna gora with the IDUS promotion flag


SUSA and ŠZUL organized a hiking event and on Friday, 22 September, visited Šmarna gora, which is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ljubljana. The members of the expedition, in which there were also representatives of the European University Sports Association (EUSA), carried a special promotion flag of IDUS and posed with it on the top of the mountain.


IDUS promotion at the ZZrolano mesto rollerskating parade

UŠZM promoted the IDUS during the traditional rollerblading event in Maribor, 'ZZrolano mesto', which was on 24 September. More than 300 people attended this 11 km sports event and the organizers made sure that the IDUS promotion material was distributed among workers and some of the participants.


SUSA also promoted the IDUS on its Facebook page, on which it posted a special article about IDUS and the FISU promotion video about IDUS. For more details, visit the profile of SUSA.


(Source: SUSA)



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