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12 June 2014 | in NUSF News

President Kazakh NUSF publishes New Book


Kairat ZakiryanovALMATY - The President of Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism, Professor Kairat Zakiryanov, is an award-winning author and academic. He recently presented his new book ‘Turkic Saga of Genghis Khan and KZ factor’ at the British Library in London. In his book he studies the participation of Great Steppe nomads in all great civilisations and shows the Turkic roots of famous historic personalities such as Alexander the Great, Confucius, and Genghis Khan. His previous books are ‘Secret Legends of the Kazakhs’ and ‘Under the Wolf’s Nest, A Turkic Rhapsody’. In 2012, the World Genghis Khan Academy elected him as its academician, and he was awarded with the title ‘Order of the Genghis Khan’s Knight’.

For his books he received gratitude letters from the Royal Geographic Society of Great Britain, US Library of Congress, National Library of Japan and Library of the Russian Academy of Science.

(Source: Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism)