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31 October 2012 | in NUSF News

New FADU Logo-Design awarded

LISBOA - Launched on june 2011, the FADU new image was well received by the University Sports national and international Community. Yet, it is also a reference in the design world.

The new image of FADU, designed by GEN (www.gen.pt) has been the subject of several publications and highlights. Among them, the highlights on the web from Brand New and the Logo of the Day; the publication on the Behance and ffffound, both design communities, and the achievement of the Merit Award in the Professional logo category, of Hiiibrand Awards.

These Reviews can be consulted at:

- Brand New: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/abstract_sports.php

- Logo of the Day: http://logooftheday.com

- Behance: http://www.behance.net/gallery/corporate-identity-fadu/2089750

- ffffound: http://ffffound.com/image/206cdbf6622a0b68913445027ff6b01b398a3336?c=8825807

- Hiiibrand Awards: http://www.icograda.org/news/year/2012_news/articles2384.htm

More recently the FADU new image was published on LogoBook, an international reference publication in Design logo and visual identity. Divided into 14 chapters, the image of FADU was published in the Sports section, occupying a double page. This is definitely an honorable position for university sports.

“In an era were strong visual communication skills are fundamental to reach out youngsters and students, it is with great pleasure that we see the recognition from the Media specialists that we now have a stronger and more functional brand image” said Bruno Barracosa, President of FADU Portugal, as a reaction to the LogoBook publication launch.


(Source: FADU)

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