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23 May 2017 | in NUSF News

National Universiade Games 2017 Mongolia



ULAANBAATAR  - The celebration of the 13th National Universiade Games in Mongolia took place from February 4th to May 10th, 2017. 11 different sports were proposed. The closing Ceremony was held at the Central Sports Palace in Ulaanbaatar city on May 19th, 2017. More than 1,200 people gathered at Central Sports Palace to celebrate the achievement of the National Universiade Games 2017, including members of the Organizing Committee, officials from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) of Mongolia, Physical Culture and Sports Authority (PCSA) (Implementing Agency of Government of Mongolia), City Authority for Physical Culture and Sports of Ulaanbaatar, Student Union of Mongolia (SUM), Mongolian Student Sports Federation (MSSF), representatives of the universities and colleges, sports federations, student-athletes, coaches, referees, teachers and press.


The victory ceremony was opened by Mr. Otgonbayar Yo., Head of the Organizing Committee (OC) and Vice Minister of the MECSS of Mongolia. During his speech, Mr. Otgonbayar Yo congratulated all the participants on their wonderful performance and expressed sincere gratitude to all partners: “since 1993, National Universiade Mongolia has been held every 2 years and under the Article 16.1 of the Law of Physical Culture and Sports, Mongolia and the Resolution of Government, Mongolia in cooperation with the MECSS, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia, PCSA, SUM, MSSF and all the sports federations of Mongolia”. He also noted: “The National Universiade Games Mongolia were hosted successfully for the 13th time, in 11 sports disciplines, during three months, with three level of organization (university, sub regional and final stages), involving more than 37,000 students from approximately 120 universities and colleges of Mongolia”.

After the opening speech, the awards ceremony started with the top 6 universities. The awards were presented by the Head OC, Vice Head OC, and Members OC. According to the overall results of the 13th National Universiade Games, Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education, was honored “ Champion of the Universiade”, Mongolian University of Science and Technology won the 2nd place, and Mongolian State University of Education won the 3rd place. During the ceremony, Otgonbayar Yo., Head of OC, Bayasgalan D., Treasurer of FISU and MSSF President and Sharavjamts Ts., Chairman PCSA also delivered the awards in forms of medals, diploma of honor, trophies, and monetary recompensation to the winners of the Universiade.

National University of Mongolia (4th place), “Mon-Altius” Institute of Physical Education (5th place), and “Avarga” Institute of Physical Education (6th place) were also honored as part of the top 6 universities of the Universiade. Their teams were awarded medals, diploma of honor, trophies, and prize money of the Universaide by Ninjjamts L., OC member and Chairman of Mongolian National Broadcaster, Udaanjargal N., OC member and president of SUM; and Batsaikhan Kh, OC member and Vice president of MSSF.

The Organizing Committee of the Universiade granted particular rewards to Mongolian University of Life Science (7th place), National Defense University of Mongolia (8th place) and Mongolian National University (9th place) in recognition of their continuous effort and accomplishments in the Universiades.

Among the national sports federations, in appreciation of the great contribution to the Universiade, Mongolian Gymnastics Federation, Mongolian Table Tennis Association and Mongolian Handball Federation were honored as the best sports federations.

During the closing ceremony, amazing national cultural events were performed by the students and artists of Music and Dance College of Mongolia, Mongolian University of Science and Technology and National Defense University Mongolia as well as Gan-Erdene G., the best audition of the “Universe Best Songs-2017” festival, who performed great songs to all spectators.

Bayasgalan D., FISU Treasurer and MSSF President

At the end of the victory celebration, Bayasgalan D., FISU Treasurer and MSSF President congratulated all the participants of National Universiade Games. During his speech, he emphasized that one of the special features of the National Universiade Games was that a European Sub Regional Universiade Games  - in Moscow city, Russia and Asian Sub Regional Universiade Games in Tianjn city, China were organized among Mongolian students who study abroad, in several sports disciplines. Mr. Bayasgalan highlighted that the Summer Universiade, which represents the true spirit of friendship and games of university student-athletes, is soon coming to Chinese Taipei in August 19th, 2017. He also pointed out that “We are planning to participate in the 29th Summer Universiade in 8 different sports disciplines with about 80 participants including the best student-athletes selected from the 13th National Universiade Games Mongolia”. Finally, on behalf NUSF Mongolia and students, Mr. Bayasgalan expressed his sincere gratitude to the Government of Mongolia, National Organizing Committee, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Mongolia in Moscow, Russia and Beijing, China, Physical Culture and Sports Authority, Students Union of Mongolia, and Sports Federations for their invaluable assistance and kind cooperation, as well as his deep gratitude to all student-athletes and teachers, especially university administrations who supported their teams and achieved great sports performance during this edition.  


(Source : Ms. Khandarmaa B. Press Attaché of MONGOLIAN STUDENT SPORTS FEDERATION)