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09 December 2015 | in NUSF News

Lithuanian NUSF celebrates 25th Anniversary in Presence of FISU President



KAUNAS - The 25th anniversary of the Lithuanian Student Sport Association (LSSA) was commemorated during the gala night at the Kaunas National Drama Theatre, where the top Lithuanian student-athletes of the year 2015 were also honoured. A number of honourable guests took part in the event as well, i.e. FISU President Oleg Matytsin, EUSA President Adam Roczek, President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation Matio Vanios and its Secretary General and FISU EC member Hillka Laitinen, President of the Estonian Student Sport Association Ants Veetousme, President of the Latvian Student Sports Federation Agita Abelė, Minister’s Adviser in the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Vytautas Janušaitis, Vice Minister of the Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania Rolandas Zuoza, Managing Director of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Edis Urbonvičius, and other prominent guests.

FISU President Oleg Matytsin

In 1993 LSSA became a member of FISU and in 1999 a member of the European University Sports Association (EUSA). In 1997 it restored the SELL (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) Student Games, which had been popular before the war, together with the Finnish, Estonian and Latvian Student Sports Associations. The Lithuanian athletes have been instrumental in these games for several years already.

Lithuanian student-athletes have been successful in the FISU Universiades also. Since the independence they amassed 47 medals (19 gold, 11 silver and 17 bronze). During the Soviet period the students won 27 medals (12 gold, 12 silver and 3 bronze). The Lithuanian students have participated in the two editions of the EUSA Games (Córdoba 2012 & Rotterdam 2014) as well, bringing back home medals of various colours from both games.

(Source: LSSA)