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15 March 2018 | in Multisports, Winter FISU World University Games, NUSF News

FISU Member Associations visit Krasnoyarsk to check out Winter Universiade 2019 preparations

Krasnoyarsk hosted National University Sports Federations (NUSF) sport leaders came to Krasnoyarsk from March 12 - 13 as they familiarised themselves with the Winter Unversiade 2019 venues, and to discuss key issues in preparation for the competitions.

In prior years, FISU Member Federations  traditionally visited the host city venues a couple months before the start of the Universiade. However, this time upon the initiative of FISU, the decision was taken to have the meetings one year prior to the event.

 FISU's Roger Roth (left) and Milan Augusting (2nd from left) with Krasnoyarsk 2019's Sergei Aleksoev (3rd from left) and Maxim Urazov (right)

Sport representatives from USA, Estonia, Great Britain, France, Kazakhstan and Russia were in Krasnoyarsk for the meetings.  Among the venues they visited were: Sopka, a multi-functional sports complex; a multi-purpose complex biathlon academy; Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace and the Universiade Village. The representatives remarked often about the high level of the Winter Universiade venue preparation and gave a full recommendation for the preparation of the Games.

FISU Member Association sport leaders during their working visit to the upcoming Winter Universiade 2019 host city of Krasnoyarsk

Neal Lee Holden, the USA Team President and Deputy Chief of Mission, shared these impressions during his visit: "Our main aim is to get to know Krasnoyarsk. It’s along drive from the United States to Siberia and it is important for us to see and tell our colleagues what wonderful conditions there are for them and that they all set the hearts upon coming here.


“Most sports represented in the sports program of the Winter Universiade 2019 are very attractive. For example, ice hockey,” Mr. Holden added. “I am confident that for American athletes participating in hockey competitions it will be very interesting, as well as competitions in skating and Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing.”


President of the Student Sports Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Zakiryanov  concurred with the sentiment, saying: “We have seen the whole infrastructure today and I do not have any doubts that the delivery of the Winter Universiade 2019 will be very decent. It is already visible the way the city is converted. The Krasnoyarsk citizens will have an awesome legacy. Thanks to these competitions Siberia will provide the rising athletes with a wonderful future.”


With Krasnoyarsk set to host the Winter Universiade next year, starting on 2 March, organisers have already started their invitation campaign to encourage countries to take part. Recently, all 174 of the FISU Member Associations were sent official invitations. Later this month, the  online accreditation system will open to allow teams to apply for the participation in the Winter Universiade 2019, with the final  pplication deadline set as 2 February, 2019. The next time NUSF sports leaders will be back in Krasnoyarsk is for the Head of Delegations meeting, which will be held in October 2018.

FiSU will be back in Krasnoyarsk again in May