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22 October 2009 | in NUSF News

FADU Elects New Board



On October 2nd, 2009, in Porto, elections for the new governing body of FADU for the 2009/10 term were held. One list presented itself having been elected unanimously meaning current president Luis Andre Couto will remain in office. This was the last time this election system was used due to the changes in FADU’s statutes.

The new board took office on the 19th October 2009, at a ceremony held in Lisbon gathering some of the highest national governmental and sporting bodies. The re-elected president reviewed the achievements of the out-going board and underlined the difficulties ahead despite the wish to achieve the best for FADU and its student-athletes at national and international competitions.

The newly elected board is formed by Luís André Couto (President), Edgar Romão, Bruno Barracosa, Estêvão Cordovil and Rafael Ferreira (Board).



Photos by FADU/Joana Meira