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12 August 2019 | in NUSF News

Developing sports on the university campuses of Jamaica

When there’s a mission and plenty of perspiration, there’s a way! The leading principle of the international University Sports Movement is to provide opportunity for all students to participate in physical activity while acting for the health and wellbeing of students, thereby helping them become tomorrow’s leaders,


The way a mission of this magnitude becomes reality is through the dedicated efforts of sports leaders and practicioners working around the globe – in their local communities and nearby university campuses.


In Jamaica, the country’s sports leaders have been establishing a pathway to share resources and information about FISU to individual universities and colleges there. Through learned experience, the Jamaican sports leaders have found this is one of the most effective tools to increase awareness of FISU and the global governing body’s activity programmes – which reach from elite sports competitions to sports-for-all campaigns.


Recent efforts in Jamaica in particular have targeted presidents, principals, athletic directors and the student leaders of all members of the country’s NUSF with FISU promotional presentations. The rotation of staff and students have made it necessary to visit all NUSF members periodically, with presentations highlighting the goal achievements and future development opportunities. The outcomes from this were:


  • Facilitating brand recognition of FISU

  • Increasing awareness of opportunities for student-athletes in terms of sports competitions

  • Building awareness for participating in the scientific conference for students and staff

  • Giving leadership training, such as volunteer leadership at academic and student forums

  • Mentoring future sports professionals

  • Networking and collaborating on research and building in sport administration capacities


FISU Branding material was given to all persons attending the presentations. While some branded items given were for personal use, other items were designed to really capture the look and feel of the international University Sport in the university offices.


In addition to the presentation done by Executive Committee member Anthony Davis, two Jamaican NUSF members – Brown’s Town Community and the University of Technology, Jamaica – hosted a quiz competition that included questions about FISU and university sports.


As a long-term project with multiple in-person touch points taking place on Jamaican universities, the ultimate outcomes from these efforts are for increased support for participation in FISU activities – and thus more active students on Jamaican university campuses.