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04 October 2021 | in NUSF News

Cambodian Student Sports Federation focusing on promising young talent

The Cambodian NUSF, also known as the Cambodian Student Sports Federation, is taking it upon themselves to create and support pathways for aspiring young talent on the international sporting stage. To find out how this being done, FISU Student Ambassador, Kim An Lee, sat down with President of the NUSF and General Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Education, Mr. Bun Sok.


When asked about upcoming university sports events, Mr. Sok mentioned some of the upcoming plans for Cambodian university sport.


“The federation will hold a National University Sport Tournament in search of promising male and female student-athletes that will both equally represent the nation in the upcoming ASEAN University Games and FISU events,” said Mr. Sok.


Due to consistent-joint effort from Mr. Sok and Prom Bunyi, President of the Department of Physical Education and Student Sports and General Secretary of NUSF, the Cambodia Student Sports Federation was created in 2004; following the establishment of Department of Physical Education and Students Sports in 2003.


“Since then, the federation has affiliated with a total of 21 universities”, he said. “We are registered as a legal member of the NUSF, which includes a total of 424 student athletes— both males and females”.


An insight to both the short and long-term goals was added by Mr.Sok during the interview.


“The federation will help encourage more students and universities to become a legal member of the NUSF, honing their skills to level the international competitive stage,” he said.


“The federation will help promote national prestige and strengthen our bond with the international community”.


As a developing country in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is still under the financial constraint and technological advancement to help train their athletes. However, Mr. Sok has come up with a contingency plan to resolve this matter.


“Cambodia does not have to proper facilities and technological equipment to help develop and build the physical attributes necessary for athletes to participate for the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade in Switzerland,” he said.


“This is why the federation will hold a National University Sport Tournament as planned to prepare for the upcoming Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games.”


“This was possible thanks to the support and trust that the Ministry of Youth and Education has upon the Cambodian Student Sports Federation,” he added.


“Furthermore, with the association of the Ministry of Youth and Education,” Sok said, “the NUSF will also help ensure a progressive result in the enhancement of the educational system in Cambodia”.


The Cambodian Student Sports Federation has strived for decades in promoting and encouraging young student-athletes to take part at international events and providing them with an education and training that would prepare them for life beyond sports even under the economical constraint in Cambodia.  As a nation and an NUSF, Cambodia looks forward to seeing young talent shine on the international stage in the near future.


 By Kim An Lee – FISU Student Ambassador of Cambodia